Saturday, February 25, 2017

Nathan's Jumbo Crinkle Cut Fries

Nathan's Jumbo Crinkle Cut Fries

I read somewhere that this product was low in sodium. So when I came across a bag in my local Safeway frozen foods section, I decided to check it out. I really wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised.
Only 20 mg sodium per serving!

There’s no salt in the ingredients, mainly just potatoes and vegetable oil. The website lists 15 mg sodium per 3 oz/14 pieces while the package I just purchased states 20 mg sodium per serving. Which is correct? I don’t know, but the difference isn’t worth worrying about.

Ready for the Oven!

Nathan's Crinkle Cut Fries are slightly different from other brands. They’re thicker and come already browned. So they crisp up nicely. My husband really enjoyed them as a side with a steak dinner. In fact, we both liked them so much that the bag was gone in a few days.

Steak & Fries!

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