Friday, March 10, 2017

Lay's Kettle Cooked Lightly Salted Olive Oil & Herbs Potato Chips

Ready for Snacking!

Another addition to the list of “lightly salted” snack products. I just happened upon these a couple of days ago and decided to purchase one bag to “test drive.” Only 60 mg sodium per 18 chip serving and flavored with herbs. What’s not to like?

We had some that afternoon for a snack. My husband wondered how they could be low sodium when they seemed to have a “salty” flavor. I checked the bag’s nutritional label to make sure I hadn’t made an error. Yup, it was lower in sodium ‒ 60 mg sodium/28 g serving. The package also had a chart comparing the lightly salted version to a regular flavored chip. About 55% lower in sodium. Then I checked the ingredients and noticed citric acid. Ah ha! That’s what made the chips so zingy but without copious amounts of salt.

Only 60 mg sodium per 18 chips/28 g

We both enjoyed the flavor and texture of the thicker, kettle cooked chips. So, for us, the chips will be a nice addition to our low sodium repertoire. Not every day and not at every meal. But they certainly make for a nice change-of pace every once in a while.

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