Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lay's Lightly Salted BBQ Potato Chips

Grab a bag!

Grab them while you can! They’re 50% less sodium and taste great! They have 75 mg sodium per 1 ounce serving (28 g or about 15 chips). And, the best part is that they taste the way BBQ potato chips should taste. They have a yummy BBQ flavor but without the copious amounts of salt that make your mouth burn. (That’s always been my complaint about regular potato chips, even going back to the days before low sodium. So much salt, that after a few nibbles, my lips and tongue were on fire.)
Sodium Content

I read about the BBQ chips and decided to look for them at my local grocery store. I was pleasantly surprised when I actually found them. I also read that there was a sour cream & onion version too but didn’t see it at my store.
One oz = 75 mg sodium

I still like unsalted potato chips and will continue to purchase them regularly. They’re a perfect addition to sandwich lunches. The BBQ chips will be a special every-once-in-a-while treat. We’ll enjoy them as long as they’re still available. By now, I’m all too familiar with the vagaries of low sodium shopping. Here today ‒ Gone tomorrow! Manufacturers change formulas and/or discontinue products while stores often stop carrying favorite items. That’s why I advocate the ABC approach: Always Be Checking!
Ready for munching!

So check out all your local stores that might carry the BBQ chips and stock up. Enjoy them while you can because you never know how long they’ll be around. But for us right now, they’re a fun addition to our low sodium life.

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