Monday, October 28, 2013

The Garlic Survival Company Tomatillo Salsa

Thanks to Stephanie, I just discovered a fabulously delicious salsa -- The Garlic Survival Company Tomatillo Salsa. Upon her recommendation I recently ordered two jars from Amazon, and once they arrived, my husband & I broke into a jar just to have a taste test. Wow! It was good! Really good! And for those of us watching our sodium intake, the really great news is that it's only 15 mg. sodium per 2 teaspoon serving or 22-1/2 mg. sodium per tablespoon. That's low, really low. Low enough to be able to enjoy several tablespoons with some unsalted tortilla chips for snack time.

Stephanie replied to my Low/No Sodium Products page that describes the “Please, DON’T pass the salt!” Amazon Wish List. You can access the Wish List from the tab at the top of this page or from the "Low Sodium Products" list section at its right. Either way, if you check out the Amazon Wish List, you'll find some of the products I use on a regular basis.

But back to the salsa. Stephanie told me that this wonderful concoction can be found at Amazon or Healthy Heart Market.  It's also available directly from the manufacturer. I heartily recommend this product. It's tasty and super low in sodium. Definitely a win, win situation. It's great with chips, that's for sure. But it can be used as a side sauce for baked or grilled chicken breasts. Or spoon some over the chicken before it goes into the oven. Same is true for pork, especially pork tenderloin. Use it as a taco sauce too. Use your imagination. This sauce is very versatile.


SavingsBook Stephanie said...

Wow! You just made my day. I am so happy you tried this and love it as much as we do. It was an amazing find. Also, if you want to try something beyond incredible, I sometimes mix the following combo for best ever salsa known to mankind, lol. Ok, mix 1/2 parts Garlic Survival Co Tomatillo salsa (15mg/2Tbsp) and 1/2 parts Frog Ranch (also on Amazon and HHM) Hot salsa (40 mg/2Tbsp). Then, add a good dash or 2 of Ghost Pepper hot sauce (or Trader Joe's Chili pepper sauce, or Brother Bru-Bru's African Hot Pepper sauce (all 0 mg). OMG! To die for, lol. Sodium level will be only 27.5 mg for 2 Tbsp or 55 mg per 1/4 cup! I buy the salsas direct from company websites by the case and save a ton of $$. Oh, I would also like to mention our fav salad dressing on HHM that is zero sodium. It is Farmer Boy Restaurant Lite Greek Dressing. It is incredibly flavorful and you will never miss the salt. My full time job is pretty much cooking for my family. 3 members are on extreme salt restricted diets, so I am on constant search for great low salt recipes and products. I love your site and refer to it often. Thanks!!

SavingsBook Stephanie said...
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shambo said...

Oh dear! Now you've done it! You've given me more products to try! Thanks! My husband does love to add hot sauces to his food, so I'll be sure to try the Frog Ranch & Brother sauces. I've always been curious about the Farmer Boy dressing too. Maybe I'll give that a try next time I place a Healthy Heart order.

Thanks gain for the suggestions and encouragement. Please keep replying. We all need to share our finds. It encourages us and helps us discover new ways to make a low sodium diet not just liveable but fun.

SavingsBook Stephanie said...

Hi Shambo,

Thanks so much 4 the encouragement. It took me a good 6-12 month learning curve to be able to cook great meals w/o salt and w/ extreme minimal processed foods. When I am not cooking I am on the net discovering potential products and new recipes. I have found the best recipes to be regular recipes, but I must alter them accordingly. Oh, I am not sure if I got this helpful tidbit of info from your site or not, but cooking w/ vinegar has become my best friend since mandatory sentence of low sodium for my family. If you like, I can send u a few recipes of grab n' go foods that stay in my fridge 4 quick meals and snacks. I will have to wait til I make them again and measure, since much of my cooking is based upon taste tests. However, the key is always extremely low sodium. Oh, just fyi, your bread recipes are an all time favorite and in constant demand in my house. Thanks a million!! Hey, I also wanted 2 mention another must have (since u r in the mood 4 trying new things, ha ha) is Garlic Survival Company: Garlic and Lemon Grill Sauce and Marinade (10 mg/1 Tblsp). Awesome on all seafood, sometimes pork tenderloin, also as a dipping sauce for chicken strips and veggies.

shambo said...

Stephanie, I agree with you on the use of regular recipes. I've found them more helpful than dedicated low/no sodium recipes, especially when it comes to bread. And I use vinegar a lot too. In fact, I've got several kinds in my pantry.

Thanks for the tip on the marinade. Looks like I've got to place another order soon.

Please feel free to send recipes. I'm always on the lookout for new ideas. Especially ideas for those days when I'm kind of in a funk and I'm not motivated to do much in the way of cooking.

Take care.