Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Search for Low Sodium Broth

Yes, I know that homemade is best. But sometimes I want just a smidgen of chicken or beef flavor to perk up a dish. I've been searching for good tasting low sodium broth bases, and I think I've finally found a workable source.

Here's the info I've collected so far:

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Herb-Ox Sodium Free Beef/Chicken Bouillon
Add 1 packet of dry bouillon powder to 1 cup water. No refrigeration needed. Using partial packets is not convenient. The sodium-free part is great, but the flavors are something else. The beef tastes OK, but the chicken is not so great. It tastes like the stuff used in Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup mix.

Trader Joe's Savory Broth Chicken Reduced Sodium Liquid Concentrate
Add 1 pouch of thick liquid concentrate to 1 cup water. No refrigeration needed. Using partial pouches is not convenient. The flavors are quite good. In fact, I have to restrain myself from sneaking dollops of the concentrate. However, the salt content is higher than I'm comfortable with using -- 360 mg. sodium per pouch. Not good for a couple of cups of gravy or sauce, but I keep them around for when I'm making a huge pot of something.

Better Than Bouillon Reduced Sodium Beef/Chicken Base
Add 1 tsp. base to 1 cup water. Refrigerate after opening. This is a thick, paste-like product. Using smaller amounts than one full serving is easy. OK, the taste is good. But the sodium content is unbelievable -- 520 mg. sodium per serving. And it's supposed to be low sodium! I simply cannot justify using this so-called low sodium product.


Minor's Low Sodium Chicken Base
Add 3/4 tsp. to 1 cup water. Refrigerate after receiving. This is another thick, paste-like product. Using smaller amounts than one full serving is easy. The taste is good and the sodium content is quite acceptable -- 130 mg. sodium per serving. I find myself using 1/4-1/2 tsp of this product in all kinds of things without worrying about overdoing the sodium. I'm very happy to have found this product.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for creating such a useful website! You have made it easy to make good choices by your analysis of various products. I already ordered the Minor's Beef Base for my father.

Thanks again!

Rose said...

Thank you...I have just found out I'm low hypertensive & am opting to try lifestyle change before meds. I'm OVERWHELMED and APPALLED at the amount of sodium I have been eating. I just cleared out my pantry and began my search online to try to find out what in the world I can substitute for my chicken broth, boullion, etc. Thank you for sharing all of your time and hard work and money (buying & tasting different icky items)-Rose

Brett said...

Just started following you, have been trying to reduce sodium and this blog is super helpful!