Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Trader Joe's Ovoline Fresh Mozzarella

Delightfully Creamy Fresh mozzarella!
More cheese talk. BelGioioso is the lowest sodium fresh mozz I can find in local supermarkets. But nothing can beat Trader Joe’s Ovoline. It’s another creamy, milky, and delicious tasting fresh cheese but with only 25 mg sodium per ounce. Yes, that’s right! 25 mg sodium per ounce. Unbelievable! The one downside is that it's only sold at Trader Joe’s. So in order to take advantage of it, you must live relatively near a TJ market.

Only 25 mg sodium/oz.

It’s sold in a tub with two balls of cheese floating in lightly salted brine. Like BelGioioso, this cheese is perfect for salads, pizza, omelets, lasagna, baked ziti, eggplant parmesan, chile rellenos, and anything that could benefit from a touch of cheese. Tonight I’m making lower sodium antipasto salads with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, toasted pine nuts, and Colombus low sodium salami. I’ll top the salads with handfuls of chopped Ovoline fresh mozz. I can hardly wait!


Bill Sabatella said...

Your description of the salad and the cheese made my mouth water. I've been begging Trader Joe's to locate a store here, but no luck so far.

This is a very helpful site to me. Thanks for your efforts and advice.

shambo said...

Bill, thanks for your kind words. I agree with you regarding the cheese -- it is mouth watering. It's great with fresh tomatoes, in a caprese style salad too. And I understand your desire to have a TJ nearby. The one I frequent is about 35 minutes away, so I don't get there as often as I'd like. And when I do shop there, it seems like I buy out the place. The stores have such a great variety of low sodium/no salt items.

JMom said...

Thank you, again, for these tips! Because of you, I know about Costco's low sodium bacon (YUM!) and now this mozzarella! And I have a Trader Joe's about 3 miles away. I think I'll stop by there as soon as I finish my scrambled eggs and Costco low salt bacon! :)

shambo said...

JMom, I hope you find the cheese at TJ. (It's always a bit of a gamble stating where a product can be found because some chains let individual stores carry different items.) Boy, I wish my TJ was a close as yours. I'd be there every week. And, by the way, your eggs and bacon sounds really good.