Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Getting Started 1: First Principles

Everyone who has been following a low sodium lifestyle for a while develops their own personalized list of helpful tips for others who are just beginning the journey.You'll find mine by clicking on the "Getting Started" tab at the top of this page. In case you haven't had an opportunity, please look it over.

When you first try to go low sodium, it's easy to get discouraged and confused. It often can be a daunting task. Sometimes you can get so bogged down calculating each tiny milligram of sodium that you run the risk of losing all your zest for life. Don't let that happen. Educate yourself about your low sodium needs, but also find out about yourself. Give yourself the time you need to get comfortable with eating and cooking low sodium. You'll discover which low sodium dishes taste good to you and which don't. You'll find out what you're willing to do (and eat) in order to follow a low sodium diet. You'll "test-drive" all sorts of low sodium products and determine which ones you want to buy over & over again. After all, it's YOUR low sodium program. So it's got to fit you and your unique personality.

Click here for my list of helpful tips for beginners: Getting Started

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