Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pomi Tomato Products

This is definitely not  news, but I thought it would be good to draw attention, once again, to this wonderful line of tomato products. Pomi brand of tomatoes comes in aseptic, shelf-stable boxes, so there's no "can" taste. The tomatoes are imported from Italy and contain no preservatives or artificial flavors. No water is added, so what you get is pure tomatoes. And no citric acid is used, so there's no sour flavor either. But, best of all, no sodium is added. What you have is a wonderful tomato product, bursting with true tomato taste, with no off flavors and no salt. At 5 - 10 mg per 1/2 cup, these tomatoes are perfect for low sodium cooking.

I've found Pomi products at just about every grocery store in my area and also natural food stores. Because there is no water added, you end up with a concentrate of flavor and texture. You can dilute the product to your liking by adding water, low sodium broth, wine -- whatever strikes your fancy.

Pomi tomatoes come in two varieties: Chopped Tomatoes and Strained Tomatoes. Give them a try.


Rich M. said...

Thank you! I started lowering my sodium a few months ago and had just about given up hope for prepared tomato sauce. I realize Pomi isn't "sauce" but it's a whole lot closer than anything else I'd found short of making my own from raw tomatoes. Thanks again!

shambo said...

I just finished using a Pomi carton of chopped tomatoes last week. I used half of it for pizza sauce and the other half in gumbo. It's really a great product. Tastes much fresher than other canned tomato products.