Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kerrygold Reduced Fat Butter

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day… I discovered Kerrygold Reduced Fat Irish Butter a couple of months ago when I took my first trip to a Whole Foods that opened up nearby. It was still a new store, and there were several sampling opportunities. One was for the Kerrygold butter spread. Of course, it tasted good. But what really excited me was the sodium content – 40 mgs per tablespoon. I bought two tubs right there. Later, when I made my second trip, I bought a couple more. It’s now become a fixture in my refrigerator. This product claims 25% less fat and 50% less sodium than the regular butter. It’s tasty, creamy, and spreadable. Perfect for toast, buttering the outsides of grilled sandwiches, etc. And it doesn’t seem to contain any weird ingredients. All good news for people watching their sodium intake.


Mei said...

I know this comment should really go on your cheese post but I wasn't sure it would be seen there...

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that Trader Joe's has a Lacey Swiss & Colby Marbled Cheese that has 35 mg of sodium per slice (1 oz) and the slices are pretty big so I usually end up eating a half a slice per sandwich.

As you've said, it's really hard finding low sodium cheese. Even though a company might make it, no one seems to carry it.

shambo said...

Mei,thanks for the info. I'll have to look for the cheese next time I visit Trader Joe's.

This whole low sodium cheese thing can get pretty frustrating. I remember seeing the ads for Sargento's lower sodium cheese products and was so excited when one of my local stores started carrying quite a few. Then a couple of weeks ago I noticed that they cut back to just a couple of the Sargento low sodium products. I guess there wasn't a big market for them. Such a shame!