Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thank you, In-N-Out!

Eating out when you're on a low sodium diet is a real challenge. Finer restaurants are usually OK because you can order steaks without any additional salt or seasoning. But fast food restaurants are problems. Yet every once in a while, a burger with fries just sounds so very good. That's why I appreciate In-N-Out so much. The restaurants are geared up to meet most customer requests -- no buns, grilled onions, double cooked french fries -- you name it. And, of course, no salt.

In-N-Out burger stands are found in California, Nevada, Arizona, & Utah. They have a very simple menu -- burgers, cheeseburgers, fries, sodas, & shakes. They serve up a traditionally classic burger with just meat, cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, & special sauce, all on a bun. Luckily for me there's an In-N-Out near my favorite grocery store. So whenever I shop there (about once a week), I stop to get lunch. A few times the cashier has told me that I'm the second or third customer asking for no salt that day. It's an option on their electronic cash register and is printed on my receipt.

I order two cheeseburgers with no salt on the meat and one french fries (to share) with no salt. As I'm waiting for my order, I watch the french fry station. I can always tell when it's my order because my fries are packaged up & set aside before the salt is applied. If I want to be super-duper low salt, I order the cheeseburgers with no sauce. It's a fun, change of pace lunch for us.


giz said...

How cool is that - a very progressive thinking company - unfortunately I have yet to find that here in the great white north. It's just easier to avoid fast food then deal with the swelling and aftermath guilt.

OhioMom said...

That is cool Sue, when I used to eat burgers, I always ordered them plain on a bun, got some odd looks but that is how I like them.