Friday, May 9, 2008

Healthy Heart Market -- A Good Low Sodium Resource

I'm fortunate to be living in the greater Sacramento area of California. We've got some wonderful local grocery stores, great farmer's markets, several Trader Joe's & Cost Plus World Markets, Costco & Sam's Club, ethnic grocery stores, Whole Foods, lots of natural foods stores, and a thriving agricultural enclave in the Sierra Foothills near where I live. So I've got lots of places to pick up all kinds of tasty food products. But... finding low sodium products is still a challenge. Sure Trader Joe's has introduced some low sodium/no-salt-added products this year. And Safeway sells low sodium bacon and a sliced Alpine Lace look alike. But beyond the no-salt-added tomato products every grocery store now carries, it's hard finding low sodium prepared foods. And even though your local store may carry certain low sodium products for a while, there's no guarantee that it will continue carrying them.

Deli cases -- Forget about it! Frozen foods -- No way! Canned foods -- Nope!

That's why a resource like Healthy Heart Market is so useful. It's got a great selection of low sodium products that might be difficult to find in local grocery stores. I regularly order China Town soy sauce. It's got the lowest sodium I've found so far. I also order the Hain Featherweight low sodium baking powder. Not to mention their NSA dill and bread & butter pickles. I usually get a couple of jars of mustard too.

One of my Cooking Forum pals told me that she regularly orders the Frog Ranch Medium Salsa, Toasted Onion Dip Mix, Lum Taylor's Barbecue Sauce, Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce, Diana's Black Bean w/ Sweet Corn Salsa, and Farmer Boy Restaurant Greek Dressing from Healthy Heart.

They have a great variety of products to choose from and the customer service is excellent.

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