Monday, January 28, 2008

Garlic Dipping Sauces for Bread

Homemade Low Sodium Bread
My husband loves to dip chunks of crusty French bread in olive oil. It's something he enjoys so much, he could make a meal of it. I know olive oil is good for you, but the calories add up. So I like to provide a flavorful homemade dipping sauce he can use instead of just the oil. Depending on my mood or what I've got on hand at the moment, I make one of two different sauces, each featuring whole garlic cloves.

Garlic & Broth: The first sauce is simply 2 cups of NSA chicken or vegetable broth simmered with a handful (or more) of peeled, whole garlic cloves until the garlic gets really soft. When the garlic is done, I'll add several swigs of extra virgin olive oil & freshly ground pepper.

Garlic & Tomatoes: The second sauce is almost the same except, instead of all broth, I'll use a can of NSA diced tomatoes, about 1/2 cup NSA broth, and a tbsp. of dried basil along with the garlic and olive oil. 

Both dipping sauces are tasty because of the garlic and much lower in calories and fat than the olive oil dippers you encounter at many Italian restaurants. The soft garlic can be squeezed on bread instead of butter or saved for other applications -- maybe blended into a garlicky vinaigrette or added to a quick pasta toss. Some crusty bread, the dipping sauce, the smushy garlic to spread, and a slice of low sodium Swiss cheese. A true Mediterranean feast!


Jenny said...

Mmmm... smooshy garlic. Nothing better!

shambo said...

Jenny, I agree completely. Nothing quite like smearing soft, "smooshy" garlic on bread. Transports me back in time to Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome.